What file types are supported in the initial launch?

Truffle supports JPG, PNG, GIF, and SVG file types.

Does Truffle have any fees?

Generative Drops, Limited, & Open Editions: We charge a 3% fee on primary sales (initial mint from a generative drop, limited or open edition). This fee is applied to the total value of the transaction and is paid by the seller. Minters pay a fee of 0.01 SOL per mint, which is applicable to all SOL-based mints, including free mints. For other SPL-based mints (BONK, MPLX, etc), including free mints, minters pay a fee of 0.01 SOL per mint.

Airdrops: For airdrops we charge a fixed fee of 1 SOL, as well as 0.001 SOL per NFT minted. This is paid by the user who issues the airdrop. NOTE THE FEES LISTED ABOVE DO NOT INCLUDE SOLANA RENT EXPENSE OR ANY OTHER PROTOCOL-RELATED FEES.

These updated fees apply for anything created on the platform after 15th April 2024

Generative Drop FAQs

Can I increase the price mid mint?

The mint price can not be increased mid mint, in order to do so we need to temporary halt the mint to ensure collectors are not given the wrong price. This can be done by:

  1. Go to edit your Generative Drop and updating all the start and end dates for the phases so that the earliest phase starts in 1 hour 30 minutes in the future from your current time. Click the "Update" button in the bottom corner. ( This will halt the mint )

  2. Go back to edit your Generative Drop and edit the prices you wanted to increase and then click the "Update" button in the bottom corner.

  3. Finally go back to edit your generative drop and update all the times to what they were originally, then click the "Update" button in the bottom corner. ( This will resume the mint )

How much does it cost to create a Generative Drop

The main cost to creating a generative drop is mainly based on the size of the collection and if hidden reveal is enabled or not. To give a rough idea a 1000 piece generative drop without hidden reveal enabled will cost around 1.7 SOL. The same sized generative drop with hidden reveal enabled will cost around 0.06 SOL.

Editions FAQs

How do I make a royalty enforced Edition NFT (pNFTs)?

Whilst Editions do officially support pNFTs (royalty enforced NFTs), Truffle does not, you can only create standard NFTs with Editions in Truffle. If you want to create a pNFT you will need to use another tool like our cli Sugar.

Can I make a mint page for a One of One?

Currently we do not support creating mint pages for One of One Editions on Truffle.

Can I update the amount of Limited Editions?

No, once a Limited Edition has been created you cannot update the amount of prints that NFT will have in Truffle.

How can I Airdrop an Edition to a collector?

The Airdrop tool in Truffle does not support sending a single NFT to a collector. If you'd like to send an Edition or NFT to a collector consider using tools like Foxy Send.

Can an Edition mint have an allowlist?

Gating a mint with an allowlist is not currently supported with Edition mint pages, this feature is only available for Generative drops.

Why are there 2 NFTs that look the same in my wallet?

When you create an Edition you also need to create a Collection NFT, if you create the Collection NFT with the same details as the editions then you will see 2 NFTs that look the same in your wallet, but they are different.

Do not delete the collection NFT from your wallet, this can cause issues down the line if you create a mint page for your NFT, or use other Truffle features.

I haven't received my Edition Funds?

The funds from Edition sales do not automatically get sent to your wallet, they are held in escrow till the end of the sale. In order to end your sale and to get the funds follow this guide.

AirDrops FAQs

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Mint Page FAQs

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Rule Sets FAQs

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Utilities FAQs

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