Freeze Secondary Sales

This setting allows your generative drop to freeze secondary sales for a limited time.

What does freeze secondary sales mean?

A normal drop will permit a user to do anything with their NFT after minting. This could include trading or listing on a marketplace. Freezing secondary sales, will prevent a user from being able to transfer or list their NFT on a marketplace providing that any of the conditions are not true:

  1. The Generative Drop has not minted out.

  2. The elapsed time set by the creator has not expired

  3. The Generative Drop was not closed.

Why is this important?

Creators like to freeze secondary sales, as it prevents collectors from flooring their collection on a marketplace and creating a price movement during the mint.

How do I freeze my secondary sales during my drop?

To add the freeze secondary sales option while setting up a Generative drop, go to the "Settings" step and click advanced, and click the "Freeze Secondary Sales" toggle. Next select your Freeze Duration for how long you would like to freeze the tokens provided that the supply is not sold out.

How do I unfreeze the tokens?

Unfreezing can only happen if one of the following conditions is met:

  1. The drop is fully sold out

  2. The drop has been closed

  3. The allotted time for freezing has expired, since the first mint (not including pre-mints).

Freezing also does not apply for any tokens that have been pre-minted.

  1. Within the Generative drops tab, select a drop from the table, click the ellipsis, and select "Thaw NFTs". This will begin the fetching process, which make take 5-10 minutes depending on the collection size.

  2. The on-screen prompt will then provide a "Thaw NFTs" button which will trigger a transaction to pay for the unfreezing.

  3. Upon approving the transaction, you will be shown a progress window with the number of NFT's that have been thawwed / total number of NFTs found.

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