Creating an Airdrop

Step One - Create Airdrop

From the Drops page click on `+ Airdrop` to start the Airdrops creation flow.

Every time you complete a step in the Airdrops flow, your progress will be saved as a Draft. You can come back at any time and continue your progress.

Step Two - Airdrops Setting

The first step of the Airdrops creation flow is where you provide who you'd like to Airdrop the NFTs too. There are 2 ways you can provide us this information depending on if you want dynamic NFT allocation or not.


This is where you provide a CSV with all of the wallets you'd like to airdrop NFTs too, then you enter the number of NFTs each wallet will get, the is not dynamic per wallet, all wallets will get the same amount. A template for the CSV format can be found here.


Custom allows you to customise the number of mints per wallet as part of the CSV itself. All you need to provide is a CSV following this format.

Step Three - Collection Details

Generally, the NFTs should be part of a Collection allowing marketplaces, wallets, and existing products to use your NFT. All the NFTs minted by this Airdrop will be added to the Collection. You have two options:

  • Existing Collection - You can select a previous collection that you have created and add this NFT

  • Create New Collection - You can create a new Collection and add this NFT

Do not delete the Collection NFT from your wallet. Doing so will cause issues if you create a mint page for your NFT, use other Truffle features or generally want to manage your Collection.

Create New Collection

Creating a new collection is similar to creating an NFT. You will need to set the following:

  • Upload the Collection Image

  • Enter the Collection Name

  • Enter the Collection Description

By clicking Upload and Continue, your image and JSON file for the Collection NFT will be uploaded to NFT Storage.

When you complete the creation of the Collection, the Collection NFT will live in your wallet and appear within the NFTs tab for Truffle. You can reuse it for other Generative Drops, Airdrops, and Editions.

Existing Collection

Click on the Existing Collections tab and then select from the list of existing collections. This might take a few seconds to load if you have many NFTs.

Step Three - Upload Assets

Next, you should upload your assets:

  1. Add Images - Upload all of your images by either selecting a folder which contains the images or dragging and dropping

  2. Add Metadata - Upload all your metadata by selecting a folder containing the metadata files (.json) or dragging and dropping.

  3. Upload - Click the upload button, and the files will be uploaded to IPFS via NFT Storage, which is free storage for NFTs

You'll need the exact number of assets as airdrops you wish to send.

If you need help creating assets follow our guide here.

Step Four - Royalties

When creating an NFT Collection, you must decide which asset class or enforcement you want to use for your royalties. You can read more about the different asset classes and enforcement here. As part of Truffle we support the following:

  • Standard NFTs (No royalty enforcement)

  • Royalty Enforced (Also known as Programmable NFTs or pNFTs)

The Royalty fee percentage is how much you'd like to receive from secondary sales of your NFTs.

If you select a Royalty Enforced NFT, you'll also need to pick which rule set you want to use to enforce your Royalties. By default, we have:

  • Compatibility Rule Set (This allows all programs to interact with your NFTs)

  • Metaplex Foundation Rule Set (This is a Rule set managed by the Metaplex Foundation that will block any bad faith programs that are not honouring royalties)

Optionally you can create and manage your own rule set. This is available via the Royalties App but will be automatically imported into Truffle.

Creator Splits

You can split the royalties with up to 10 wallets. By default, your wallet will be chosen as the update authority and allocated 100% of the royalties. Here you have several options:

Add Creator

Clicking this button will create a new row where you will need to input:

  • Creator Address - the wallet address of the creator you are adding

  • Royalty Splits - % of the royalties you want the new creator to have

Step Five - Confirm

The final step is where you will see a summary of the Airdrop before you create it.

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