16th November 2023

After Breakpoint we've talked with a lot of you creators and we decided to work on a single big feature which I am sure you will all enjoy!

  1. Asset Generation: Recognizing that not all creators are tech-savvy, we've introduced a user-friendly tool for generating metadata for your collections. Simply input the basic information, and our tool handles the rest, eliminating the need to understand JSON or metadata complexities.

  1. Unable to Burn to Redeem: We've seen an increase in creators that have NFTs that have Token Accounts but not Associated Token Accounts, which caused issues with Burn to Redeem, these have now been resolved.

  2. Error Messaging: e've upgraded our error messages throughout the app to make them more informative, helping you understand and rectify issues more efficiently. Remember, we're always available on Discord to assist you.

  3. Missing NFT: We've improved how we handle situations where creators transfer the Master Edition NFT to a different wallet after selling an Edition NFT. Our updates provide clearer guidance to creators in these scenarios.

It was fantastic to connect with you at Breakpoint. We're committed to ongoing engagement and support, so feel free to reach out to us anytime for a chat or assistance with your projects!

22nd October 2023

With Breapoint coming up we've wanted to add more stability to Creator Studio and trying out some of our partners new tech to create the best possible platform!

  1. IPFS CDN Collaboration with Saturn: We're excited to implement Saturn's cutting-edge CDN technology, optimizing the delivery and accessibility of your IPFS assets.

  2. Mint Remaining NFTs: For select creators, we're introducing the ability to mint the remainder of their Drop if it doesn't sell out initially, offering a renewed opportunity to generate interest in their collections.

  1. SFTs & Burn to Redeem: We've noticed attempts to use SPL tokens & SFTs in the Burn to Redeem feature. Our update now prevents the use of these unsupported asset types, ensuring smoother transactions.

  2. Countdown Display: The countdown display on Edition mint pages was showing inaccurately. This issue has been rectified for more precise timing.

  3. SPL Mint Pages: We've fixed an error in the logic that calculates the number of NFTs you can mint with an SPL token, ensuring it now displays the correct quantity.

  4. 32 Byte limit with names: To address the issue of certain special characters in NFT names consuming more bytes, we've improved our system to manage this more effectively and to provide clear warnings to users.

Your support and feedback are invaluable to us. As we gear up for Breakpoint, we're grateful for your continued engagement and suggestions. Keep the feedback coming, and let's keep making Creator Studio better together!

14th September 2023

Over the past few weeks, we have been hard at work enhancing the stability of our platform and optimizing performance, particularly for creators. Additionally, we’ve added features to improve the clarity of minting costs and to boost the discoverability of mint pages.

  1. Explorer Link Back: When sharing an Explorer link for NFTs minted through Studio, the Explorer will now display the associated live mint page for that specific NFT.

  2. User Feedback via HotJar: We’ve integrated HotJar to facilitate easier collection of user feedback, so we can continue to enhance your experience.

  1. Multi-Mint Consistency: Fixed an issue in the minting module that resulted in UX inconsistencies when using the multi-mint feature.

  2. Visibility of NFTs in User Interface: Resolved an issue where some users couldn’t see their NFTs due to ISP or firewall restrictions on IPFS and Arweave links. Traffic is now routed through our custom endpoint to circumvent this problem.

  3. Accurate Upload Progress Bar: The progress bar for uploading generative assets now accurately reflects the upload progress, eliminating abrupt jumps from ~75% to 100%.

  4. Phase Name Display in Mint Pages: Fixed a bug where the phase names were displayed as random strings. They now correctly display the phase names chosen by the creator.

  5. Performance Optimisation for Airdrop and Edition Features: Significantly improved the speed of creating NFTs when using Airdrop or Edition features.

  6. Transparent Minting Costs: Mint Pages now provide more transparent information about the cost associated with minting an NFT.

  7. Twitter Signup Issues Resolved: Fixed a bug that prevented some users from successfully signing up via Twitter.

  8. Stable Generative Drop Creation: Resolved an issue where refreshing the page during a generative drop creation would kick users out of the creation flow.

Thank you for being part of our community. We look forward to your feedback on these improvements!

28th August 2023

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to improve Studio for all with new features to the mint pages, extra discoverability via our explorer & general fixes improving the experience creators have.

  1. You can replace the Collection image ( primary image ) on Generative Drop based mint page pages.

  2. Mint pages now allow for an additional styled description / about section.

  3. Creators can now provide custom minting animations on their customised mint pages.

  4. We’ve added examples of generative assets on the upload step when creating a generative drop.

  5. We’ve reduced the number of transactions requiring approval when making an Edition NFT.

  1. Some creators phased issues where their mint page didn’t automatically have a human-friendly slug. Now, all mint pages will use the collection / NFT name as a base for the URL slug.

  2. Styling changes to bring consistency to the Mint Pages have been added.

  3. Edition mint pages have been brought up to feature and design parity as their generative counterparts.

  4. Some users had issues where their generative drops or airdrops were not appearing in their list. This has now been resolved.

  5. We’ve now blocked increasing the price of generative collection mid-mint due to bad actors.

  6. When loading the Generative Drop editor, there were issues with some of the details not appearing. Now, Phases and all the drop details will appear with a clean loading animation.

  7. Creating a Generative Drop could fail and lock any funds in the derived identity. Now, on failure, we transfer any funds in the derived identity back to the user’s wallet.

  8. Some users were reporting that arweave links were not loading in Studio. This was an ISP issue, which we have found a permanent fix for.

  9. The explorer pages did not respect the aspect ratio of an image and forced it to be a square.

  10. The Editions mint page was reporting the the mint would launch in X hours but in fact it was being confused by the end date

  11. Some users have had issues with connecting wallets and other issues with Authentication. Everything Authentication related should be more consistent.

28th July 2023

Welcome to our first change logs for Creator Studios! We've been constantly shipping, but now we want to share it with you all! We've just been a part of the biggest mint on Solana to date with SMB, which had a bunch of custom features which you will see in the coming months!

  1. Multi Mint is here! We've added the ability for collectors to mint up to 15 NFTs at once.

  2. We've added the ability to our color picker to suggest colors based on the collection image.

  3. We've managed to reduce the Thaw cost for all of our creators who are using Hidden Reveal!

  4. Timezones can be a challenge, so across the app we have made it clear which timezone the date is based on ( normally your own )

  1. Special Characters and URLs do not mix, so we have added better handling cases for those situation.

  2. There were a few style issues on certain browsers with our Mint Page Editor, these have been resolved now.

  3. We've noticed some mints have been failing due to RPC issues, we've found ways to resolve this issue for the majority of users who had reported it.

  4. We've also reduced the size of the site for users to load, meaning load times will be much faster for users who have restricted internet connections.

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