JSON Generation

Struggling to generate the JSON files for your generative drop, or just unsure what JSON even is? Truffle has a tool to help generate everything you need following the Metaplex Standard! You can find this feature under "Utilities" on side menu, followed by "JSON Generation".

Providing Images

Once you are in the tool, you'll need to provide the images you'd like to generate the JSON files for. We support the following image formats: png, jpg, svg and gifs which can be of any size. The images must be named sequentially starting from 0, for example: 0.png, 1.png, 2.png and so on.

Depending on the number of images and the size, it might take a while to load them into the UI so please be patient.

Default Details


From the Basic tab you can add the base details for your collection, these details will be used for each NFT unless if they have been overridden:

  • Name ( as well as if you want to include the incremented number along with the name )

  • Description

  • Link

  • Traits ( which will be added on all the NFTs )


On the Advanced Tab if you have a single asset which you'd like to duplicate the JSON files for with the correct details you can.

Overriding Default Details

By clicking on one of the images on the left panel, the right panel will change allowing you to override the specific details which includes:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Link

  • Traits ( where you can choose to override the default traits or have these traits along side the default ones )

Want to get back to the default details panel? Just click on the selected image and you will be shown the default details panel.


Once all the values have been entered simply click Generate and a zip of the JSON files will be downloaded ready to be used in Truffle.

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