Start & End an Edition Sale

Editions have a consept of a Store which is created when you make your first Edition Mint Page. As part of this store you have many "Sales" which you'll need to start and end.

Start a Sale

On the Mint Page, select the "Gear" icon and then "Mint Details". From this point, you'll be required to input the following information:

  • Mint Price: The price per mint in SOL.

  • NFTs per Wallet: The maximum number of NFTs that a single wallet can purchase.

  • Start Date & Time: By default, this is set a few seconds into the future, but you have the option to designate a specific time.

  • End Date & Time: Initially, this is set to "After Final Sale", or it continues until you decide to end the sale. However, you can select a particular end time if you prefer. If you do specify an end date, you will not be able to end the sale early.

Once these setting are chosen, you are unable to change them unless if you end the sale.

End a Sale

To end a sale, navigate to the Mint Page and choose the "Gear" icon, then "Mint Details". From there, press the "End Sale" button which will:

  • Disable the option for individuals to buy your edition.

  • Return the Master Edition NFT to you.

  • Transfer the funds from the escrow account to your wallet.

If you have entered a End Date for your sale, the "End Sale" button will not be available to click till after the End Date has expired.

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