Mint Page Overview

A cornerstone of Truffle's offerings is the Customizable Mint Pages feature, designed to be your one-stop solution for displaying and monetizing your generative drops and editions. This feature comes packed with an extensive range of out-of-the-box customization options, empowering you to craft a mint page that resonates with your unique style and vision.

Managing your Mint Pages

Navigate to the "Mint Pages" section within Truffle to manage both your Live and Draft Mint Pages. From this centralized area, you can perform various actions by clicking on the action menu next to each page.

For a Live Mint Page:

When your collection status is set to "Live," the following options will be available in the action menu:

  • Edit Mint Page: Make real-time changes to the content and design elements of your Live Mint Page.

  • View Live Page: Preview the page as it appears to your audience.

  • Share Page: Generate a link to disseminate your Live Mint Page across various platforms.

  • Enable Wait Mode: This feature is available for mint pages that have not started minted, where a custom landing page can be shown.

  • Unpublish Page: Temporarily remove the page from public view.

For a Draft Mint Page:

If your collection is in "Draft" status, you'll have a more limited set of options:

  • Edit Mint Page: Make changes to your Draft Mint Page prior to publishing.

Mint Page Guides

For those new to the Mint Page functionalities within Truffle, we've compiled a set of guides to help you navigate and make the most of these features.

pageCreate Mint PagepageCustomize a Mint PagepageStart & End an Edition Sale

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