Customize a Mint Page

Mint Pages has several features and customisation options, some are limited by if it's an Edition or Generative Drop mint page. The features are broken down into the following sections:

  • Project Settings: This includes managing the Edition Sale and updating a Generative Drops.

  • Page Details: Where you can edit the content on the page.

  • Design: This is where you can customise the look and feel of the mint page.

Project Settings

Project Settings is where you can manage the core of your NFT mint, this includes:

  • Mint Details: This is where you can manage the Phases for Generative drops or manage the mint sale for Editions.

  • Wait Mode: Enables you to set up a basic landing page prior to initiating the minting process.

Mint Details

For Generative Drops, this is the spot to tweak your Phase settings. If you want more details check out Edit Generative Drop. If you're working with Editions, you can run your whole sale right from here. For more info take a look at Start & End an Edition Sale.

Wait Mode

Wait Mode is your go-to feature for setting up a quick landing page that hides the details of your Generative Drop until you're ready to launch. This is super useful if you want to share your project link early but keep the details a secret to your collectors. To make the page look just the way you want, hop over to the Design tab. However, you can change the following content in this tab:

  • Add your own description

  • Change up the main image

Wait Mode will only show to collectors until the start of the mint.

This is only available for Generative Drops

Page Details

In the 'Page Details' section, you've got the controls for tweaking settings and content for your mint page. Here's what you can do:

  • Project URL: Customize the page's URL to make it uniquely yours.

  • Website: Add your own website link, which will show up in the 'About' section.

  • Show Tensor Link: Use this toggle to decide if you want a link to our partner, Tensor, to be displayed for secondary sales.

  • About: Is an extra description section for your mint page where you can go into greater detail and even benefit from extra markdown features.

The Project URL needs to be unique across all Truffle Mint pages.

The Tensor link is only available on Generative Drops.


In the 'Design' tab, you have a comprehensive set of options to tailor your mint page so it aligns perfectly with your unique brand identity. Here's a rundown of what you can modify:

  • Accent Color: This color setting will be applied to all the primary text elements as well as the background of the mint module, ensuring visual consistency.

  • Logo: Swap out the standard Truffle Logo at the top with your projects custom logo.

  • Background Image: Upload a custom background image to further personalize your page. You also have the flexibility to adjust its blur, fit, and positioning to get it just right.

  • Minting Animation: Customize the user experience by choosing a unique animation that will display in the modal window during the minting process, as an alternative to the default spinning loader.

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