Signing Transactions & Messages

Module Overview

Within Truffle, you will need to authorize both transactions and signature requests in order to deploy your NFT projects. This module explains what each of these are.

Signature Request:

A signature request is a request for your approval and is not a transaction. Which means there is no fee required. Looking at the request below:

  1. You are being told the request title is and where the request is from:

    1. Title: Signature Request

    2. From:

  2. You are being asked to sign the message:

    1. You can see it’s from Metaplex

    2. You can see it won’t trigger any fees

Transaction Request

A transaction request is a request which will require a network fee and will show changes in your wallet once the transaction is completed.

  1. You are being told what the request title is and where it is from:

    1. Title: Approve Transaction

  2. Wallet Changes:

    1. Here you are sending 1.00203 SOL

    2. You are receiving .95385 stSOL

  3. Network Fee:

    1. You will pay < 0.00001 SOL

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