NFT Standards

Truffle current supports a few NFT standards to help creators build their collection based on what suits them the best!

Core ( Metaplex Core)

Core is Metaplex's latest innovation, enhancing the functionality previously offered by Token Metadata NFTs. This section delves into the advantages Core presents for both creators and collectors. For a detailed technical breakdown, you can find further reading here.

Benefits for Creators using Core:

  • Reduced Minting Costs: The on-chain cost to mint an NFT with Core is approximately 0.004 SOL , a significant reduction from the previous rate of about 0.024 SOL.

  • Simplified Collection Management: With Core, updating royalty percentages across multiple NFTs in a collection can be done in one transaction, eliminating the need to adjust each NFT individually.

  • Enhanced Extensibility: Core introduces a new plugin system, enabling the integration of future features and expansions, thereby continuously enriching the platform.

  • Royalty Enforcement: By default royalties are enforced with Core NFTs in a similar way to pNFTs using a ruleset.

Considerations for Creators using Core:

  • Standard Compatibility: Core collections are designed to exclusively support Core NFTs and cannot be mixed with NFTs from other standards including Token Metadata.

  • Ecosystem Adaptation: Given that Core is a recent addition to the NFT landscape, it may require some time for ecosystem projects to provide full support. However, prominent platforms like Phantom and Tensor have already begun to support Core NFTs.

Legacy ( Metaplex Token Metadata)

Token Metadata NFTs have long been the predominant NFT standard on Solana. On the Truffle platform, we support two versions of this standard: Royalty Enforced (pNFTs) and Standard NFTs (Non-Fungible). For a more detailed technical explanation, further information is available here.

Royalty Enforced (pNFTs):

  • Cost: Minting pNFTs incurs a higher on-chain of 0.024 SOL, but this ensures the enforcement of royalties.

  • Royalties: Uses a ruleset, which can be updated, to block any programs that fail to pay royalties on secondary sales, thus enforcing your royalties.

Standard NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens):

  • Cost: The on-chain cost is around 0.022 SOL per NFT compared to the slightly more expensive pNFT.

  • Royalties: Royalties in Standard NFTs are optional. The dapps facilitating the trade may choose to pay royalties or not.

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