Generative Drops Overview

A Generative Drop, often referred to as a generative collection, consists of a series of algorithmically generated NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) featuring randomly selected traits. These traits can vary in rarity, making some digital assets more scarceโ€”and potentially more valuableโ€”than others.

Within Truffle, we offer extensive support for launching and minting your own Generative Drops using Metaplex's CandyMachine program at the core. As part of Truffle we support options to enhance your minting experience, allowing you to tailor the process to align with your unique vision and brand.

Managing a Generative Drop

To manage both your Generative Drops and Airdrops, head to the "Drops" section within the platform. This centralized area allows you to oversee both draft and live Generative Drops, offering different sets of actions depending on the current status of your drop.

For Live Generative Drops:

When your Generative Drop is active and live, you'll have access to the following options in the action menu:

  • Edit Mint Page: Modify the content and layout of your minting page in real-time.

  • Edit Collection: Make changes to phases of a drop.

  • Reveal Art: This is only available if hidden reveal is enabled, but it will reveal the artwork for all minted NFTs in the collection.

  • Thaw NFTs: This is only available if Freeze is enabled and it will unlock any frozen NFTs in the collection and release the escrowed funds.

  • Collect Funds: This is only available if there was an issue with the Thaw and the funds were not released.

For Draft Generative Drops:

If your Generative Drop is still in the draft phase, the action menu will provide a more limited set of options:

  • Edit Collection: Modify the draft version of your drop.

  • Remove Draft: Delete the draft entirely if you choose to discontinue the project.

Generative Drop Guides

There are many features you can take advantage of with a generative drop which the following guides can help you navigate.

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