Edit Generative Drop

Once a generative drop has been created, the majority of the settings cannot be changed; the only exceptions are the Phases, which can be added, edited, or removed as necessary. If you do have an allowlist phase you can add and remove any users from that allowlist.

Step One - Select Generative Drop

There are a couple of ways to start the Editing process for a Generative Drop, these are either from the Drops table or the Mint Page Editor.

From Drops Table

Start by clicking the action menu on the drop you'd like to edit and then select Edit Collection from the drop down.

From Mint Page Editor

When in the Mint Page Editor, if you click on the Gear Icon followed by Mint Details then click on the Pencil Icon.

Step Two - Editing Drop

This screen may look familiar from the Creating a Generative Drop flow, from here you can update some of the values of the drop, even when users are minting the collection. Some features like, freeze / thaw and delayed reveal can not be changed once the drop is created. However, you can update the phases and making the collection immutable.


The Default section only has the options to manage the public phase of the mint which includes:

  • Toggling the phase on or off.

  • The price of the mint.

  • The amount a user can mints.

  • The start and end date of the phase.

Once the mint has started the price can only be decreased and not increased.


From the Phase section, you can manage your phases as needed meaning you can add, edit or remove them.


The only option that can be changed in the Advanced section is making the items minted immutable.

Be aware, making the NFT immutable means that the NFTs data can not be changed. If you have Delayed Reveal enabled, this will not work if the Collection is Immutable.

Step Three - Confirm Changes

Once you have managed the changes you'd like, just click Update in the bottom right corner, this will prompt to you sign a message / approve a transaction. Once its complete you'll be taken to the page you were on.

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