Delayed Reveal

This setting allows your generative drop to have a delayed reveal.

Delayed Reveals will mint your generative drop in a sequential order

What is a delayed reveal?

A normal drop will have an instant reveal. This means when the collector mints, they will instantly be shown the NFT that they have minted. A delayed reveal, means that when the collector mints, they will be shown a placeholder image of your choosing.

Why is this important?

Creators like to use the delayed reveal as a moment of time where they can surprise their holders.

How do I add a delayed reveal to my drop?

To activate a delayed reveal while setting up a Generative drop, go to the "Settings" step and click advanced, and click the "Delayed Reveal" toggle. Here you can select your pre-reveal image, name, and description. These are fields that will exist offchain but within the metadata of the token until your reveal your NFTs.

How do I reveal my tokens?

Truffle supports partial reveals. This means that you can reveal the NFTs at any point during a live mint. Reveals only happen for minted tokens, this means that if the generative drop isn't ended, tokens minted after the reveal, will be in a pre-reveal state and you will need to reveal again. The reveal will only happen for tokens in a pre-reveal state.

  1. Within the Generative drops tab, select a drop from the table, click the ellipsis, and select "Reveal Art". This will begin the fetching process, which make take 5-10 minutes depending on the collection size.

  2. The on-screen prompt will then provide a "Reveal NFTs" button which will trigger a transaction to pay for the reveal.

  3. Upon approving the transaction, you will be shown a progress window with the number of NFT's that have been revealed / total number of NFTs found.

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