Editions Overview

With Truffle you are able to create an Edition, which is simply a type of NFT which is normally for a single artwork which has multiple copies known as prints. The types of editions supported by Truffle are:

  • Limited Editions ( Only a number of copies are available )

  • Open Editions ( Unlimited copies are available)

  • One of Ones ( Only one copy is available, the original )

Limited and Open Editions are the only Editions that support a Mint Page

Editions are also associated with a Collection NFT which is a special NFT that is used to group a bunch of NFTs together. In Truffle, each Edition is required to be part of a Collection, which you can either create or choose from in the Edition creation process.

Managing your Editions

From this screen you'll have the tools you need to manage your Editions within Truffle which are sorted into:

  • Limited Editions

  • Open Editions

  • One of Ones

  • Collection NFTs

From the action menu on an NFT you'll be able to:

  • View the NFT in our Explorer

  • Create / Edit your Mint Page

Edition Guides

There are many features you can take advantage of with an Edition which the following guides can help you navigate.

pageCreating an Edition

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