Creating an Edition

Step One - Create

From the NFTs Page first click on Create on the top right of the page. This will take you to the first step of the creation process.

Step Two - Upload Asset

Upload your asset by either clicking or drag-n-drop your asset on the asset window. The current supported formats are JPG, PNG, GIF, or SVG.

Step Three - NFT Details

Here you will be filling out the basic information about your NFT. As you fill in the forms you will see the information populate on the left-hand side underneath the uploaded asset.

Basic Details

  • Name (required) - The name of your NFT

  • Description - A short description about your NFT

  • Link - The URL that you want associated to your NFT

  • Secondary Sales Royalties - The percentage of royalties you want to receive from future NFT sales

NFT Types

There are three types of NFTs that you can create:

  • One of One - You will only create one NFT

  • Limited Edition - You will create one NFT but will create a limited number of prints available to be minted.

  • Open Edition - You will create one NFT, but will allow an infinite number of prints available.

Even with an Open Edition, you can still control when you want to end the sale. This means that you could run the Open Edition for a few hours and then close the ability to mint.

Step Four - Properties

A NFT can have some properties, each property has a name & value. Within a generative collection these are often used for calculating rarity.

Step Five - Creator Split

You have the ability to split the royalties with up to 10 wallets. By default your wallet will be chosen as the update authority and allocated 100% of the royalties. Here you have several options:

Add Creator

Clicking this button will create a new row where you will need to input:

  • Creator Address - the wallet address of the creator you are adding

  • Royalty Splits - % of the royalties you want the new creator to have

Add Charity

Clicking this button will create a new row where you will need to input the following:

  • Charity - A drop down list to select a single charity per row

  • Royalty Splits - % of the royalties that you want the charity to have

The percentage of royalties must add up to 100%.

Step Six - Add a Collection

Truffle requires all NFTs to be within a Collection. This allows marketplaces, wallets, and existing products to use your NFT. You have two options:

  • Existing Collection - You can select a previous collection that you have created, and add this NFT

  • Create New Collection - You can create a new Collection and add this NFT

Do not delete the collection NFT from your wallet, this can cause issues down the line if you create a mint page for your NFT, or use other Truffle features.

Create New Collection

Creating a new collection is similar to creating an NFT. You will need to set the following:

  • Upload the Collection Image

  • Enter the Collection Name

  • Enter the Collection Description

The creation of your Collection will happen at the same time when you create your NFT. When you complete the creation of the Collection, the Collection NFT will live in your wallet and will also show up within the NFTs tab for Truffle. You will also be able to add additional NFTs to your new collection.

Select Existing Collection

Click on the Existing Collections tab and then select from the list of existing collections. This might take a few seconds to load if you have a lot of NFTs.

Step Seven - Create Edition


On this step you will finally create your NFT. You will be displayed all of the information that you previously inputted. Please review all of the information and click β€œContinue”.

Complete Transaction

After reviewing and clicking continue, you will be prompted to complete a transaction. Your wallet will prompt you to approve. Click approve and your NFT will be created.

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