What is a Derived Keypair

Module Overview

This module provides a more technical look into how Truffle uses the derived keypair for signing transactions to you time as a Creator.

For every operation that is executed on Truffle, you will be asked to sign signature messages. We wanted to explain what is happening in these messages, as we believe in empowering Creators, but also ensuring that Creators are educated.

Introducing: The Derived Keypair

Whenever you interact with a product on Solana, you are required to sign transactions or programs with your wallet. Most of these programs are simple one-off signatures, but for more complex creation operations, such as creating a generative drop, you would be required to sign for each NFT that you generate in addition to other operations such as creating the candy machine, adding candy guards, pre-minting NFTs, etc.

In the example shown above, Truffle is deriving a new keypair based on your wallet. After the keypair is created, Truffle will use this keypair to sign transactions only for that given operation (such as creating a generative drop, thawwing NFTs, revealing hidden NFTs). Once the operation is completed, the keypair will be discarded.

In some cases, we required the UA to be transferred between your wallet and the derived keypair. Rest assured that we have though through all of the required cases and in the end you will leave Truffle with the UA after your mint completes.

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